We are human.our places.resilient.a collective.local action.regenerating.Calor.

Dedicated to building resilience through regeneration with indegenous peoples and local communities.

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We exist to uplift indigenous peoples and local communities and support regenerative landscape governance and management by deploying transformative financial mechanisms.

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Our initatives

Explore the important work we're doing to revitalize and regenerate places for the people.

What we do

We apply a holistic approach to all that we do to maximize our impact in the communities we support.
Landscape stewardship

We revitalize landscape health by restoring ecological functions to ensure the future and thrivability of indigenous cultures.

Governance of biocultural landscapes

We strengthen cultural and social cohesion by valuing the traditional ecological knowledge of rural communities and supporting them with core leadership.

Capacity building

We empower local indegenous landscape leaders to develop strategic and scalable community-building capacities.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships

We catalyze collaborations between governments, research institutions, businesses, civil society and landscape leaders to maximize the impact of everyone’s efforts.

Integrated capital pathways

We create, engage and deploy innovative financial mechanisms to restore landscapes and strengthen community livelihoods.

Process development

We convene, develop, facilitate and catalyze enabling processes that respond to economic, social and ecological issues by exploring the inherent potential of each place.

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Buen Vivir (n)

Harmonious living between people and nature.

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We’re building our community from the ground up.


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