Our team

Our team

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Mauricio Nunez Oporto

I am deeply motivated by the opportunity to improve our collective stewardship of socio-ecological systems. I consistently pursue and fully engage myself in responsible, pragmatic, and incremental ways to convene and explore potential to complex questions based on regenerative practice and living systems thinking. I work catalyzing landscape initiatives and capital for ecological restoration and human wellbeing. Enabling collaboratives for multi-stakeholder partnerships to increase efficiency, impact, and scaleup a series of community-led initiatives. My burning question: How to develop an advanced landscape development hypotheses that ignite regenerative development at the bioregional scale?

Maga Guanilo

I am a designer and project manager born and based in Perú. My educational background is in architecture and I have more than 10 years of experience in the field, collaborating both in the public and private sector. I believe we can inhabit Earth with a regenerative approach, where we are part of systems that have the ability to heal themselves. We can create these systems together.We can start this process by observing the space where our project is based, being aware of the human and natural ecosystems and learning about the local culture, their livelihoods and resources.

Our initiative began with a deep exploration of the beautiful and resilient culture and landscapes throughout the Andes.

During our journey, we came across amazing projects launched by aligned colleagues and organizations that sought to understand the depth of Andean communities. This inspired us to fill in the gaps and contribute our own capacities to our community through a brand new organization: Calor.

From there, we added value and contributed to products with developmental organizations while building a more in-depth understanding of the landscapes and its people.

We later partnered with Heifer International, now “Innovar y Compartir”, to deliver a pilot project to restore grasslands with alpaca grazing regimes, densities, intensities and adaptive management. From there, we developed a holistic management “Train the Trainers” capacity development program, with regional camelid leaders in rangeland management, led by Ovis21. This evolved to influence the first component of the Regional Alpaca II program called Land Stewardship and Management.

Afterwards, we developed water security public finance projects for diverse watersheds in Peru, with a a strong emphasis on livelihood adaptation pathways and the equity and participation piece of regulatory ecosystem services schemes.

These experiences accumulated into invitations for different stakeholder partnerships at different levels of engagement, including grassroots organizations, national roundtables for camelid production and pastoral livelihoods, NDC delivery and innovative financial vehicles for financial sustainability in Protected Areas.

While working on the pilot project and roundtables, we developed an agreement with SPAR (Society of Registered Alpaca Growers) and its producer associations, to develop capacities and competencies within their grassroots organization, indigenous leaders, and program delivery that weaves with the Alpaca II program.

Now, we are focusing our efforts on weaving pastoralism and livelihood strengthening through the Andean Pastoral Livelihood Initiative.

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